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Your tool for online broadcasting

QWstream is a software that enables you to broadcasts online using the latest and advanced technologies. User interface is easy to understand, it allows beginners to organize live broadcasts at a high level, and for professionals in this field we have flexible functionality and growing augmentation system. We have taken into account all the wishes and shortcomings both from users in the organization of high-quality broadcasting and developers of such services. Our team is working to create a universal and high quality software in the area of streaming video, as well as transmission the media data across the network. We are working hard to let you immerse yourself in the process as soon as possible, avoiding lengthy and complicated adjustment of the tool.




Easy to use user interface makes it simple to master the workspace and the variety of all tools at your fingertips gives you a high level of effectiveness.



The availability of basic tools, as well as constantly expanding functionality that will satisfy even the most nontrivial needs.



Advantageous offers for all subscription plans. We are always open to cooperate and discuss your individual ideas.


Business Business
Education Education
Music Music
Sport Sport
Conferences Conferences
Personal Personal
TV & RADIO TV & Radio
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Performance Performance

Low level of system resources usage (Memory, CPU time)

Caching Caching

Using modern caching technologies and optimization data transmission over the network

Addons Additions

Additions allow you to extend existing application functionality

Chroma key Chroma key

Built-in chroma-key function

Support all cards All capture cards

Support of all current audio/video capture cards

Cross-platform Cross-platform

QWstream can be downloaded for all popular operating systems

Performance monitoring System monitor

Displaying the performance indicators of the processor, memory and network in real time

Local recording Local recording

Asynchronous local recording of online broadcasting


Broadcasting is performed using RTMP protocol (for any platform which has RTMP server). YouTube, Hitbox, Twitch API are also implemented for more flexible setting of broadcast to the related resources

We are ready for your offers

Ready for cooperation

We are a young and rapidly developing team. We are always ready for new proposals and discoveries in the form of cooperation or full realization of your ideas. Integration of the project for business or addition the functionality you need - all of this you can discuss with us!


Online broadcasts as a step forward

Our team is deeply convinced that each person is unique and has its own value and online broadcasting is a wonderful way to show yourself. Share your skills, stories or reflections, let others hear you along with QWstream! If you are interested in holding events or presentations, we are also glad to help you.

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